Monday, June 27, 2011

Productive Weekend!

Saturday my mother and I went out shopping for a veil and wedding jewelry. We didn't get either of those, however we did manage to find a fabulous pair of shoes for me to wear on the big day -- on SALE! Also we got gifts for my bridesmaids! I'm so excited to be crossing things off my list.

Saturday night we went with all of the parents (all 8 of them) to the Paragon Grille - the restaurant that is now where Raffael's was, and which will be catering the food for our wedding. Soon after being seated, we were served shrimp cocktail and stuffed mushrooms - which we had not ordered, but which are two of the passed hors d'oeuvres we will be having at our cocktail hour. They were delicious! I fully expected my fiance to order the chicken saltimbocca, since he is so in love with it, but it was not on the regular menu, so he got the filet (our other chosen dish) and said it was absolutely delicious. He failed, however, to save me a bite. Guess I've gotta train him a little bit better. I got the pasta ala vodka with shrimp and loved it.

The food and the service were wonderful, and it was so nice of "them" (I can only assume that this was Beverlei's doing, as my fiance had told her that we would be going in for dinner) to provide the appetizers. Everyone had a fabulous time. All of the parents got along so well. We asked the hostess if we could show the parents the Surf Ballroom, which is where we will be having our reception. She told us there was a wedding going on, but that we could peak in. So we made our way up the stairs and took a look -- the wedding looked so fun, we wanted to join!

We cannot wait for our wedding in September and are very pleased with the way everything has been going. Now, if only my dress would come in!! (It's due to arrive sometime in July)

Until next time...

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